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Parche 275.4

el Sáb Dic 16, 2017 12:05 pm
Released - 16 December, 2017

Fixed Megalania not dropping their toxin
Fixed a issue which prevented some creatures from receiving 100% imprint with the new 8 hour timer
Bear traps now take 12 seconds (large) and 10 seconds (small) to activate
Fixed multiple building cases where structures would not be placed (i.e cables and wires)
Fixed a bug which would cause the Giga to rage eaiser than desired.
Fixed a bug which would allow you to get under the map

Reduced the Griffin's base HP by 30%
Reduced the Griffin's HP gained per level (wild) by 25%
Reduced the Griffin's HP gained per level (tamed) by 22%
Reduced the Griffin's Base stamina by 10%
Reduced the Griffin's diving swipe damage by 50%
Reduced the Griffin's dive bomb damage by 25%

Doubled the number of supply crates per zone and made them last twice as long
Fixed a case where the Glide suit would cause you to float up against gravity
Fixed a case where Charge Batteries would not correctly drain in electrical structures
Fixed an unintended Gem Hierarchy, which would've allowed different colour gems to be used in place of others for crafting
Fixed a case where the camera view would flip when using climbing picks
Prevented fertilized eggs from being transferred to servers not using the allow foreign dino setting
TEK Bed no longer clears the Reaper Offspring buff
Fixed a bug which would cause Supply Crates to drop Plant Species Z Seed blueprints
Molerat saddle no longer loses durability when hitting foliage, and reduced it's over-time durability loss whilst rolling by 50%
Fixed multiple cases of invisibility for the Rock Drake and Basilisk
Fixed a case where a character would be stuck in the floating state when uploading dinos
Fixed multiple cases where Ravagers could get through the map
Fixed rugs not being freeform painted, or painted when placed on foundations.
Fixed a bug which allowed climbing dinos to move when encumbered
Removed the wood decal from Plant Z
Reaper Queen now has a particle indicator when ready to choose a host for its offspring (below the health threshold)
Fixed a case when climbing with the Rock Drake would rotate your vision
Wild Plant Species Z now heals and revitalizes players and their dinos when active (when nearby), and reduced its interval to generate Seeds
Flying fast with glider should now be less rubber-bandy
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